Magnetic Spiral Chess Set, Black and White, Pieces Only

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A unique and beautiful 3D printed and hand-assembled spiral chess set. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, this set is perfect for any chess lover who wants to elevate their gaming experience with a modern twist. The black and white chess pieces feature a distinctive spiral design and are magnetic, making them stay securely in place on any metal board during play.

• Custom 3D-printed set of 32 game pieces
• Magnetic; will stick to a metallic board
• Base diameter of 21 mm; will fit inside a 1 inch or larger square
• Two colors: black (16 ct) and white (16 ct)

Additional information

Weight .425 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in

Magnetic, Not Magnetic

1 review for Magnetic Spiral Chess Set, Black and White, Pieces Only

  1. Josh Bauer

    As the producer of this set, I can attest to its quality. Out of my many boards, this is the one I use the most. The number of compliments the design has received is what led me to start selling them online. I highly recommend this set.

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